Photo Walk


At the committee meeting we decided to invade Old Knebworth this year on our photo walk. Please meet in the car park round the back of the Lytton Arms public house in Park Lane, Old Knebworth SG3 6QB at 7:30pm on Monday June 10th.
There are many points of interest around here within walking distance with a chance of a good sunset if the weather plays ball with us. We’ve made it 7:30 to give us a chance of some “Golden Hour” lighting. Bring your camera and a tripod if you have one.

Meet the new SPS Committee

Back Row L-R : David Price, Paul Carver, Zoe Fitch, Adele Gibson, Gary Nicholls, Sue Golton, Neil Balharrie, Ron Pickford, Clare Hancock
Front Row L-R John Crouch, Don King, Paul Munns, Arthur Ash, Paul Hurford

Don King – Life President
John Crouch – Chairman
Gary Nicholls – Vice-Chairman
Adele Gibson – General Secretary
Arthur Ash – Treasurer
Sue Golton – Internal Competition Secretary, Prints.
Zoe Fitch – Internal Competition Secretary, PDIs.
Ron Pickford – External Competition Secretary
Paul Hurford – Programme Secretary
Clare Hancock – Publicity Secretary
Paul Carver – Equipment Secretary
David Price – Social Secretary
Paul Munns – Studio Secretary
Neil Balharrie – Webmaster