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       THIS WEEK 28th September 2015 STUDIO NIGHT Bea has a very exciting and interesting evening planned for you! Hi all I’ve put together macros stands for the studio night and would love some help if possible please. I will list stuff I will need and if you have Read the full article…


THIS WEEK           Monday September 21st at 7 45pm We are going to have a very special night. On the agenda the living legend that is BOB NORRIS APAGB EFIAP What can be said about this man. Currently the President of the East Anglian Federation, Bob Read the full article…

Competition News

On Monday December 3rd we competed in the 2nd round of the prestigious Melbourn Trophy Inter-Club Competition.

Melbourn Trophy

Just in case any of you haven’t heard, we are through to the next round of the Melbourn Trophy this year.