New season starts & our competition winners!

Well the new 2016/17 season has started and it was great to see everybody down the club house once again! I’m certainly looking forward to this seasons offering!

Competition Winners! 2015-16 Season.

Here are last years competition winners, can they hold on to their titles this year?


Novice Prints – Geraint Williams
Novice Projected Images – Robert Nurse
President’s Shield Novice – Geraint Williams


Advanced Prints – Chris Thurston
Advanced Projected Images – John Crouch
President’s Shield Advanced – Chris Thurston

AV Competition

Winner – Thomas Ashley
2nd – Dave Hill
3rd – Adele Gibson

Movie Poster

Winner – Andy Hitchens
2nd – Thomas Ashley
3rd – Chris Ludwick

Internal Competitions

Winner – Nicola Scott
2nd – Nicola Scott
3rd – Jo Sowden

Arthur Ash Trophy

Winner – Adele Gibson
2nd – Mick Grayson
3rd – John Crouch

Portrait Photographer of the Year

Winner – Chris Pike
2nd – Tom Couch
3rd – Andre Riphagen

Photographer of the Year

Winner – Chris Pike
2nd – Chris Thurston
3rd – Jo Sowden

Jim Lucas Award for Best Images

Winner – Chris Thurston
2nd – Chris Pike
3rd – Jo Sowden




       THIS WEEK
28th September 2015


Bea has a very exciting and

interesting evening planned for


Hi all

I’ve put together macros
stands for the studio night

and would love some help
if possible please. I will list
stuff I will need and if you
have it at home and can
bring it for the evening
please put your name down:

1 Make plastic fantastic:
Soft box – Simon
Clear plastic cutlery –
Polarising filters – all

2 Fruit salad:
Soft box no 2 – Simon
Knife – Bea

Dish – Bea
Clear glass (optional) –

3 Alphabet:
Alphabetti spaghetti-
Dish – Bea
Spoon – Bea
Studio light – At the club

4 Bubbles:
White card – Bea
CD cases – Bea
Plastic syringe (no needle) –
M&M –
Studio light – at the club

5 Droplets:
Saline solution – Bea
Various flowers (does anyone have anything in the garden?) –
Colourful backdrops – club/Bea

6 Bokeh:
Black card – Bea
Card cutters – Bea
Christmas lights – Bea
Love hearts sweets (if I buy them I will eat them 😜)-

7 Get busy with the fizzy:
Colourful pencils – Bea
Sprite –
Soft box no 3 –
Clear dish – Bea
Other stuff that could be dipped in sprite –

8 Reflections:
Tulip –

Small LED flashlight-
Black backdrop –
Clear or dark tinted glass-

9 Smoke:
Scent sticks – Bea
Some sort of curtain and
rail arrangement to protect
smoke from draft – Chris T
Studio light – at the club

Obviously there are lots of things I
can get at tesco so if nobody will be
bringing these I will just go there on
my way to the club and purchase them.

Do we have enough lights and
reflectors for all the above?

Any other items that will look good
backlit, as a reflection in
water droplets or dipped in liquid?


So…lots of setting up to do when you arrive.
Please help Bea!


         LAST WEEK

Monday September 21st at 7 45pm

We had a very special and inspring evening with


Currently the President of the East Anglian Federation, Bob has been a major figure in the EAF for donkeys years. Likewise at Ware & D PS where he has been a member for 37 years. Bob shared loads of wonderful photographic images, tips, anecdotes and just general all round knowledge which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.
Some members have been inspired enough to put what they’ve learnt into practice and that’s the best way to learn and develop.

It was a great evening.

Many thanks Bob!

Dear Andy and the rest of the team,

I’m emailing from Hertfordshire Life magazine – this is just a quick message to let you know about our 2016 calendar photography competition so your members can send in their entries!

The competition is looking for images of Hertfordshire, celebrating its people, landscapes, nature, towns and villages – as well as shots which reflect the months and seasons of the year.

Winners will have their image (with their name and a description of the image) featured in the glossy 2016 calendar which is going to thousands of homes and businesses in our December issue. They will also win a 12 month subscription to the magazine (including the December issue).

If your members would like to take part they can email as many digital images as they like (but they must be high-res jpg files with 300dpi and a minimum A4 size) along with details of what/where the image is and when (which month/season) it was taken. Entrants should also include their name, address and contact details.

Emails should be sent to with the subject ‘2016 calendar competition’ – and they can include a file transfer link if you prefer not to email the images directly.

The closing date is Monday October 5 and the winners will be chosen by our editor Richard Young. I hope many of your members will be eager to send in some images – and I look forward to viewing them! Best of luck.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes,

Laura Vickers
Editorial Assistant
Hertfordshire Life Magazine
Bank House, Primett Road, Stevenage, Herts SG1 3EE

P.S We’re also always looking for images from Herts photographers for our monthly Readers’ Photos pages. I’d be thrilled if you could let your members know that we’d be delighted to receive their images of Hertfordshire, and if they have any questions at all they shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch.


Monday October 5th 




Reminder:You will need to size your dpi’s at
Landscape 1400 px
Portrait 1050 px




We open this season’s competitions with a DPI round.
It is an open competition so anything goes.
You will need to be a member to get your
upload facility and 

If you don’t already have these,
and for details/questions
please get in touch with Rob

 we need to let members know that only your best two from three scores  to count in the monthly 

Chris T (oh, that’s me…)
will be holding studio sessions in our hall
on the
1st Sunday of every month
10 30am to 1 30pm

There will be a maximum of 10 places and it will cost you £20 per session. This is to cover the cost of models, equipment, hall hire etc.

If you’re interested in joining, please email me

Don’t forget to keep up to date with what’s happening in the club, locally, in the EAF, and in our big national and international world through the PAGB by checking the websites regularly.


EAF website

PAGB website

You should also make sure you subscribe to their newsletters!


…and one last thing!

Studio lighting 
A lot of you pointed out this didn’t work last week.
Sorry about that,
here’s a different one!

Studio Lighting

and here’s a bit on the science

Three Rules of Lighting

…and here is another

Useful video from YOUTUBE

A little tip on


And…. We’re off

The Stevenage Photographic Society kicked off its 41st year last night with the start of its 2015/16 season at our trusty community centre on the London road. It was a largely informal night and great to see so many regular faces returning for the new season and even more wonderful to see a good few new ones too! We offer our newcomers a warm welcome and hope that you all enjoy the club and get a lot out of it.

Our very own vice-chairman Mr Tony Brooks introduced the rest of our committee to the group which was followed by a brief rundown of whats to come with our extensive programme that has been put together by our talented programme secretary and news letter editor Mr Chris Thurston. Our exhibition secretary Chris Pike broke some amazing news about our planned exhibition this year, as he has secured space at the Gordon Craig theatre in town for the princely sum of nothing! So start putting all your images together as we have a real chance of absolutely packing it out with all your wonderful work. Don’t let him down! We had a quick run down on the new website and it’s new features which hopefully the club will embrace. A few of the members have already started uploading images so that we can get an impressive gallery going with members having their very own page if they wish!

So with the season underway, we are looking forward to all the events in store with the lectures, monthly competitions, studio nights, tutorials, advice, natters, and social nights. Welcome back everyone, (and newbies) and see you all next week for our collaborative ‘How to use your camera’ group session. Don’t forget to bring your cameras!


New Season Alert

By Simon Cooper

It’s that time of year, summer is all but done and September is upon us and so with it  the new season starts. Last season saw a few changes to club nights and this season may see a few more.. We have lectures, competitions – internal and external, studio nights and much more to look forward to. It is always exciting to see new images and the quality that our members can produce. I’m sure we all want to be winning some plaudits and of course bragging rights especially in the external’s about time SPS had some engraving done so…it’s up to us folks, we have the talent, we have the quality..let’s go win some trophies ! Of course though our main objective is to enjoy what we do, share some knowledge/share some laughs and try not to cry (even if a judge is just plain mean/blind/doesn’t like beards/scared of contemporary/longs for the days of slides..or any other reason to score you a 12/20).

Lets do this people..have a great season.

Photographer of the Year 2015

There were fifteen sets of six prints entered for the POTY this year which were judged and critiqued by the eloquent and talented Chris Palmer FRPS EFIAP DPAGB APAGB.  It was a very entertaining evening with some superb photographs for all to enjoy.


First up was Stewart Warren with a nautical feel.


Tanya Warren was next with a lovely colourful selection.


The judge was very impressed with Adele Gibson’s delightful set.


Chris Thurston also made Chris Palmer’s night with his olive grove and Les Mis pics.


Mick Grayson entered this varied and very interesting set.


These amazing pictures were taken and entered by Chris Pike.


Clare Hancock chose these unusual and well mounted images for the competition.


Our well travelled Chairman, Andy Smith showed us the places he has seen recently.


Thomas Ashley presented these little corkers.  Just lovely.


David Cole brought these amazing prints in for our delight.


I was pleased with the remarks I got for my set.


Alan Brown pleased the judge with his set, but the horse on the bottom right failed to impress.  Bizarre.  That’s my favourite!


Mike Kersley entered these little beauties.  Like, like, like!


Tom Couch went for versatility and variety in his set.



Simon Cooper certainly gave us plenty to enjoy here.


David Cole was thrilled to get third place.


Alan Brown was second.


Adele is the winner and Photographer of the Year 2015.  Many congratulations, Adele!  Well done.



Tom Couch won the Jim Lucas Award for Best Image.  Very well done, Tom!

Well done to all who took part.  It was an absolute pleasure to see all your images.  Many thanks to our presenters, Andy and Sarah and our judge, Chris Palmer.

POTY 2014 – The Winners!

So here are the winners of this year’s Photographer of the Year Print Competition.

Chris Pike – Commended
Mick Grayson - Commended
Mick Grayson – Commended
Sara Holmes - Highly Commended
Sara Holmes – Highly Commended
Tom Couch - Highly Commended
Tom Couch – Highly Commended
Ron Pickford - 3rd Place
Ron Pickford – 3rd Place
Adele Gibson - 2nd Place
Adele Gibson – 2nd Place
Chris Thurston - Winner - Photographer of the Year 2014 - Congratulations!
Chris Thurston – Winner – Photographer of the Year 2014 – Congratulations!
Tom Couch - Winner - JimLucas Award for Best Image.  Well done Tom!
Tom Couch – Winner – Jim Lucas Award for Best Image. Well done Tom!


Very well done to everyone who entered and to all those who came along to enjoy the images.

Photographer of the Year 2014

Des's Delights
Des’s Delights
Clare's Classy Collection
Clare’s Classy Collection
Mick's Marvellous Mix
Mick’s Marvellous Mix
Thomas's Tremendous Trick Shots
Thomas’s Tremendous Trick Shots
Chris's Charismatic Crops
Chris’s Charismatic Crops
John's Joyous Joyride
John’s Joyous Joyride
Wasi's Wonderful Winners
Wasi’s Wonderful Winners
Andy's Amazing Artifacts
Andy’s Amazing Artifacts
Sara's Sensational Successes.
Sara’s Sensational Successes.
Tom's Tintinnabulating Terrors
Tom’s Tintinnabulating Terrors
Ron's Rumbling Rioters
Ron’s Rumbling Rioters
Simon's Sensational Six
Simon’s Sensational Six
Chris's Crashing Creations
Chris’s Crashing Creations
JP's Jumping Jivers!
JP’s Jumping Jivers!
Brian's Brilliant Brigade!
Brian’s Brilliant Brigade!
Paul's Party Poopers!
Paul’s Party Poopers!
Adele's Artistic Ambiance
Adele’s Artistic Ambiance
The roar of the grease paint...
The roar of the grease paint…
The smell of the crowd!
The smell of the crowd!
Bishops Row
Bishops Row



What a busy and entertaining evening.

Photo Walk


At the committee meeting we decided to invade Old Knebworth this year on our photo walk. Please meet in the car park round the back of the Lytton Arms public house in Park Lane, Old Knebworth SG3 6QB at 7:30pm on Monday June 10th.
There are many points of interest around here within walking distance with a chance of a good sunset if the weather plays ball with us. We’ve made it 7:30 to give us a chance of some “Golden Hour” lighting. Bring your camera and a tripod if you have one.

Prize Giving 2013

After the AGM on Monday we presented the trophies and certificates to the worthy winners.

Paul Munns presented the monthly awards

Gary Nicholls got joint 2nd place Advanced Prints
Ron Pickford got joint 2nd place Advanced Prints
Elliot Hook 1st place Advanced Prints


Anita Hoyle – 3rd place Novice Prints
Brian Hunt – 2nd place – Novice Prints


Alan Brown – Winner – Novice Prints


Paul Langshaw – Winner – Advanced Projected
Anita Hoyle – 3rd place – Novice Projected


Alan Brown – 2nd Place – Novice Projected

The President’s Shield was presented by President, Don King

Alan Brown – Winner – President’s Shield – Novice
Paul Langshaw – Winner – President’s Shield – Advanced

Of course, Arthur Ash presented the Ashes Awards

Clare Hancock – Commended – Arthur Ash Trophy
Wasi Sid Siddiqi – Highly Commended – Arthur Ash Trophy
Mick Grayson – Highly Commended – Arthur Ash Trophy


John Poxon – 3rd place- Arthur Ash Trophy


Anita Hoyle – 2nd place – Arthur Ash Trophy

Elliot Hook presented the awards for Portrait Photographer of the Year 2013

Paul Langshaw – Commended – Portrait Photographer of the Year
Sara Holmes – Commended – Portrait Photographer of the Year
John Poxon – Highly Commended – Portrait Photographer of the Year
Gary Nicholls – 3rd place – Portrait Photographer of the Year


Paul Munns – Winner – Portrait Photographer of the Year

Paul Langshaw presented the awards for Photographer of the Year 2013

Ron Pickford -Commended – Photographer of the Year 2013
Wasi Sid Siddiqi – Highly Commended – Photographer of the Year 2013
Elliot Hook – 3rd place – Photographer of the Year 2013
Gary Nicholls – 2nd place – Photographer of the Year 2013

The Chairman’s Medal was awarded to the member showing the greatest enthusiasm and promise within the club.

Portrait Photographer of the Year & Photographer of the Year 2013

Our lovely judges, Russell and Barbie Lindsay

Portrait Photographer of the Year  & Photographer of the Year 2013

Will now be held on the same night.  Monday May 13th.  We will have Russell and Barbie Lindsay to assist in the task of choosing the winners.  Let no one be under the illusion that this will be easy.  There will be a lot of work to do on that night and we will need an army of volunteers.  I need you all there at 7:30, please.  We’ll get out tables, print stands, the 35mm projector for lighting and the large print stand.  We have the portraits there so they can be put up straight away.  We will start judging at 8pm on the dot.  We may not be finished until 10:30. 

The portraits will be put up first.  Bring your POTY entries with you and keep them to one side ready for the switch over at the break.  Make sure that your name is on each and every print.  Russell will judge the portraits and award the slips and cup before the break.  As soon as we break, you will need to grab your portraits and take them away.  If you are entering Photographer of the Year, you will need to put up your six prints as you want to see them displayed.  Do this before you get your coffee or tea so that the judge can check them out before we start part two.  You can see that, if you are entering either of these comps, you will need to be there in person if possible.

Tea break will be no more than ten minutes, depending on the number of POTY entries.  Like Russell, Barbie will not get much more than two or three minutes on each entry by my estimate.  It should be enough.  These guys are good and don’t waste words.  They know what they are talking about and their constructive criticism is worth it’s weight in gold.

Some members have been asking about the entry conditions for the photographer of the year competition.  I have attached a copy of the up to date rules for you to print out and keep for future reference.  Your entry will consist of your six best prints.  The judge is looking for technical excellence as well as variety and versatility from the author.  Your entry does NOT have to be arranged as a panel, like the Arthur Ash Trophy Competition, but some entrants prefer to show their work like a panel anyway.  That is their choice, but you will not lose points if you have different coloured mounts or different sized prints within the mounts.  The mounts will have to measure 50cm x 40cm as this is the standard size for all of our club comps and the EAF.
Barbie will also be asked to choose the best single image from the POTY for the Jim Lucas Trophy.  This can be from any of the sets and does not have to be part of the winning set.  Here are the entries from last year to give you an idea of what is required.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me on this address.

In July we have an exhibition at what used to be the Boxfield Gallery in the Gordon Craig Theatre.  It is now called Pi Bistro.  The exhibition will be on the restaurant walls, so it will get even more attantion than usual.  We will require your best prints for this exhibition directly after the POTY Competition.  We would like to have at least one from everyone in the club if possible.  A maximum of three, please.  You can add portraits as well.  I will have Arthur at the back table by the window to collect them from you.

Good luck on Monday everyone!

Henry O'Dwyer

An Evening with Henry O’Dwyer

Henry is a good friend of Ron Pickford.  I’m afraid I don’t know much else about him.  He has agreed to come and talk to us.  I’m sure it will be an entertaining and informative evening.  Come down on Monday April 29th and find out for yourself.


Portrait Photographer of the Year

was a total disaster this year due to not having a judge.  There seems to have been some sort of mix up and the judge, Russell Lindsay, thought he was coming to Stevenage next Monday.  Russell and his wife, Barbie, live in Suffolk and it would have taken too long even if they had set out as soon as they realised.  Clearly, we need to ensure that our speakers and judges are reminded by email and that we have contact details for them on the night.  It doesn’t happen very often, but it is a real nuisance when it does.  I do apologise to everyone who came down to the club expecting an exciting competition.  Also to all who entered.  We had more entries than ever before.  The entries have been boxed up and we are going to try and judge them on the evening of May 13th with the Photographer of the Year Competition.  Some members asked if they could add their portrait images to this competition.  I have to say no, as it wouldn’t be fair to all those that had their sets ready for last Monday.  I would like to thank Gary for going through the programme for next year and explaining what we have to look forward to.  David made a collection of “Portrait Cakes”.  He was going to send me a picture of them, but I haven’t received anything yet.  They were very tasty if the one I had is anything to go by.


We are very sad to announce the death of local photographer, judge, speaker and friend of many of our club members, Eric Saul.  Eric has been suffering with his mobility for some years now, but has bravely battled on, visiting camera clubs with his wife, Naomi to judge images or speak about photography.  Together they have played a pivotal role in the running of the East Anglian Federation, where Eric was Treasurer for many years.  They were regular members at Shillington Camera Club and were passionate about their photography and encouraging young photographers.  We extend our condolences to his family.


EAF Exhibition

Congratulations to all those below who had images accepted by the EAF Exhibition.  Good work, Team!


EAF Exhibition 2013


Stevenage PS acceptances


Monochrome Prints


Chris Thurston – Lone Tree –  12

Chris Thurston – An Alternative Fashion – 11.5


Adele Gibson – Rydal Water Tree – 12


Elliot Hook – Still Waters – 12

Elliot Hook – The Second Severn Crossing – 12 (Selected to represent EAF in National PAGB Comp)


Gary Nicholls – Lombok Street Carver – 13 (Selected to represent EAF in National PAGB Comp)


Colour Prints


Chris Thurston – Walking the Dogs -12

Chris Thurston – Frosty Teasels -12


Adele Gibson – Symmetry – 13

Adele Gibson – Luskentyre Beach – 12 (Selected to represent EAF in National PAGB Comp)


Lynne Owen – On a Spin Cycle – 11.5


Gary Nicholls – Storm over Bamburgh – 12




Elliot Hook – Brown Hare – 13 – Highly Commended – (Selected to represent EAF in National PAGB Comp)


Jeff Owen – Waiting and Wondering – 12 (Selected to represent EAF in National PAGB Comp)


Tanya Warren – Surface Tension – 12 (Selected to represent EAF in National PAGB Comp)


Gary Nicholls – Saved from her Reverie – 11


Paul Langshaw – Iranian Protester – 12 (Selected to represent EAF in National PAGB Comp)


Chris Thurston – Macabre Night – 12 (Selected to represent EAF in National PAGB Comp)

Chris Thurston – Walking in the Snow – 11




Christmas Dinner

It has been decided the Christmas Dinner will be held INSTEAD of the Christmas Party this year, so:

The SPS Christmas Dinner will be on MONDAY 17th December 2012 at the Orange Tree in Hitchin.
The price is