Stevenage Photographic Society Exhibition

Yes, that’s right! The Stevenage Photographic Society has a new Exhibition on display at the Pi Bistro Gallery in the towns Gordon Craig Theatre. It’s on for a number of weeks so be sure to get down there and visit it!

SPS Exhibition

IMG_1456There are lots of stunning images currently on display at the Gordon Craig Theatre so be sure to go and check them out the next time you’re in town. It’s well worth a visit!

EAF Exhibition 2014

The entries from the EAF Annual Exhibition 2014 are below

Colour Prints

Beneath the Olive Trees

Beneath the Olive Trees by Adele Gibson ARPS DPAGB – Score 10

The Sea WallThe Sea Wall by Adele Gibson ARPS DPAGB – Score 10

Village Street, UmbrianVillage Street, Umbria by Adele Gibson ARPS DPAGB – Score 13 – Accepted

Monochrome Prints

01 Metropol Parasol, SevilleMetropole Parasol, Seville by Adele Gibson ARPS DPAGB – Score 11

Storm over Umbrian HillsStorm over Umbrian Hills by Adele Gibson ARPS DPAGB – Score 10

The Quiraing, Isle of SkyeThe Quiraing, Isle of Skye by Adele Gibson ARPS DPAGB – Score 10


First SnowfallFirst Snowfall by Adele Gibson ARPS DPAGB – Score 9

Majestic BlencathraMajestic Blencathra by Adele Gibson ARPS DPAGB – Score 10

Sunlit BankSunlit Bank, Derwentwater by Adele Gibson ARPS DPAGB – Score 11

Umbrian BarnUmbrian Barn by Adele Gibson ARPS DPAGB – Score 11

Therfield Coombes RoadHerts Landscape by Ronnie Pickford – Score 12 – Accepted

SpinelessSpineless by Ronnie Pickford – Score 12 – Accepted

The lonerThe Loner by Ronnie Pickford – Score 13 – Highly Commended

08 PadlocksofLovePadlocks of Love by John Crouch – Score 9

09 ThirstyHorsesThirsty Horses by John Crouch – Score 9

10 WhichWayToTheStationWhich Way to the Station? by John Crouch – Score 10

So many congratulations to those whose images have been accepted.

Exhibition News

Exhibition News
There is a new exhibition at the Portrait Gallery called Bailey’s Stardust.
David Bailey – Genius

David Bailey has made an outstanding contribution to photography and the visual arts, creating consistently imaginative and thought-provoking portraits. As well as new work, this landmark exhibition includes a wide variety of Bailey’s photographs from a career that has spanned more than half a century.

Bailey’s Stardust is presented thematically across a series of contrasting rooms and illustrates the extraordinary range of subjects that Bailey has captured: actors, writers, musicians, filmmakers, designers, models, artists and people encountered on his travels; many of them famous, some anonymous, all of them unforgettable.

Rooms are devoted to Bailey’s time in East Africa, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Delhi and the Naga Hills, as well as icons from the worlds of fashion and the arts, striking portraits of the Rolling Stones and Catherine Bailey and people of the East End of London.

Featuring over 250 images, personally selected and printed by Bailey, the exhibition offers an unmissable opportunity to experience the work of one of the world’s greatest image-makers.

Please note that the exhibition includes images of nudity and runs from February 6th to June 1st 2014


Paul Hurford, Clare Hancock, Andy Smith, Don Carter, Mick Grayson, Dave Hill, Sid Siddiqi, Arthur Ash and myself.  Team SPS.
Paul Hurford, Clare Hancock, Andy Smith, Don Carter, Mick Grayson, Dave Hill, Sid Siddiqi, Arthur Ash and myself. Team SPS.

The Stevenage Photographic Society Annual Exhibition is now hanging in the Pi Bistro in the

Gordon Craig Theatre foyer. Do pop up there and take a look if you are nearby. It looks very

impressive. There is some excellent work there. Well done everyone who put their pictures in. A

great big thanks to the SPS Team who helped to put the prints up on the wall this morning. Your

help was greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Portrait Photographer of the Year & Photographer of the Year 2013

Our lovely judges, Russell and Barbie Lindsay

Portrait Photographer of the Year  & Photographer of the Year 2013

Will now be held on the same night.  Monday May 13th.  We will have Russell and Barbie Lindsay to assist in the task of choosing the winners.  Let no one be under the illusion that this will be easy.  There will be a lot of work to do on that night and we will need an army of volunteers.  I need you all there at 7:30, please.  We’ll get out tables, print stands, the 35mm projector for lighting and the large print stand.  We have the portraits there so they can be put up straight away.  We will start judging at 8pm on the dot.  We may not be finished until 10:30. 

The portraits will be put up first.  Bring your POTY entries with you and keep them to one side ready for the switch over at the break.  Make sure that your name is on each and every print.  Russell will judge the portraits and award the slips and cup before the break.  As soon as we break, you will need to grab your portraits and take them away.  If you are entering Photographer of the Year, you will need to put up your six prints as you want to see them displayed.  Do this before you get your coffee or tea so that the judge can check them out before we start part two.  You can see that, if you are entering either of these comps, you will need to be there in person if possible.

Tea break will be no more than ten minutes, depending on the number of POTY entries.  Like Russell, Barbie will not get much more than two or three minutes on each entry by my estimate.  It should be enough.  These guys are good and don’t waste words.  They know what they are talking about and their constructive criticism is worth it’s weight in gold.

Some members have been asking about the entry conditions for the photographer of the year competition.  I have attached a copy of the up to date rules for you to print out and keep for future reference.  Your entry will consist of your six best prints.  The judge is looking for technical excellence as well as variety and versatility from the author.  Your entry does NOT have to be arranged as a panel, like the Arthur Ash Trophy Competition, but some entrants prefer to show their work like a panel anyway.  That is their choice, but you will not lose points if you have different coloured mounts or different sized prints within the mounts.  The mounts will have to measure 50cm x 40cm as this is the standard size for all of our club comps and the EAF.
Barbie will also be asked to choose the best single image from the POTY for the Jim Lucas Trophy.  This can be from any of the sets and does not have to be part of the winning set.  Here are the entries from last year to give you an idea of what is required.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me on this address.

In July we have an exhibition at what used to be the Boxfield Gallery in the Gordon Craig Theatre.  It is now called Pi Bistro.  The exhibition will be on the restaurant walls, so it will get even more attantion than usual.  We will require your best prints for this exhibition directly after the POTY Competition.  We would like to have at least one from everyone in the club if possible.  A maximum of three, please.  You can add portraits as well.  I will have Arthur at the back table by the window to collect them from you.

Good luck on Monday everyone!

Annual Exhibition – 22nd & 23rd September

It is nearly time for the annual exhibition, our chance to show case some of our best work to the public. As you can see the exhibition will run on Saturday and Sunday the 22nd and 23rd of September at the Community Arts Centre.

Please come along and support us, entry is free to the exhibition and we will be serving refreshments (for a small charge).

EAF exhibition entry success!

Some details on our EAF success for this year! Congratulations to all who entered.


  • The Goth – Paul Munns – scored 12
  • Lincoln Cathedral – Wasi Siddiqi – scored 12
  • Jack’s Eye – Paul Langshaw – scored 12
  • Thunderbird’s are Go – Paul Langshaw – scored 12
  • Gothic Oxford – Tanya Warren – scored 12

Colour Prints:

  • Hawker Hind XV Squadron in Afghan Airforce Colours – Ronnie Pickford – scored 12.5
  • The Lifesaver – Lynne Owen – scored 12.5
  • The Girl at the 8 Ball Diner – Lynne Owen – scored 12.5
  • Leg Room – Jeff Owen – scored 12.5
  • Storm – Gary Nicholls – scored

Enter the EAF Exhibition Now!

EAF Annual Exhibition 2012

Adele is collecting images for the upcoming EAF exhibition.
Last collection date is Monday 5th March.
60p per image to be given to Adele at same time as images.
Rules are summarised below:
Maximum of 3 monochrome prints, 3 colour prints and 4 PDIs per entrant.
Monochrome print: black & white or modified with a single tone applied to the entire image.
Colour print: All other images including a black & white image which has been modified with partial toning or by addition of one colour to any part of the image.
Same or similar images must not be submitted in more than one section.
Final images must not be more than 4 years old (N.B. final images not image capture date).
Images must originate entirely

Exhibition Success

Exhibition winners with the mayor.
Exhibition winners with the mayor.

Our annual Exhibition was held at the Community Arts Centre this weekend (24-25th of September).

Thanks to all people involved in making it a success, especially Arthur Ash, who puts in a massive amount of time to this event.

The picture shows the winners and the Mayor of Stevenage, Councillor Carol Latif.

Call for digital images for the exhibition

As the exhibition approaches, we have decided to run a slide show of the societies digital images on a large screen. If you think you have some images that might be suitable, then please send a copy to

Ideally the images should be:

  • Fit within 1400×1050
  • sRGB
  • JPG

But if you are unsure of how to do that, don’t worry, just send us the image and if we would like to use it, we will sort out the conversion.

Please send us your images to help make the exhibition the best it can be.

Exhibition – We need your prints ASAP

As you may know we are holding a public exhibition in September and need your prints to make it a success. We still need around 70 prints to make the exhibition the success it was last year. If you’ve got a print that you’d love to have in the exhibition and be part of something you can be proud of we need you can contact Arthur (